Maryland Fur Trappers Inc.
Scholarship Application

Print out the following form. Complete the form and mail to:
MFTI Scholarship
3424 Gallagher Road
Preston, MD 21655
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Maryland Fur Trappers, Inc.
Scholarship Application



Address: ________________________________________________

Telephone Number:_______________________________________

Date of Birth:_____________________

High School Graduation (year): _________GPA out of (Scale):__________

College or University attending:__________________________________

Class level (circle): Junior   Senior   Graduate Student   Final year of a 2-yr program

Major:_____________________________ GPA out of (Scale):____________

Please attach college transcripts.
Please include any other information about yourself that you feel is pertinent, such as memberships in other organizations, community activities, and job experiences.
Letters of recommendation are suggested, but not required.

Please answer the following questions. Additional pages may be used.

1.How did you choose the university or college you are attending and why?
How did you select your major? What are your goals upon the completion of
your education?

2.If you could change one thing about wildlife management in your state, what would it be and why?

3.Design a 60-second radio or television spot that could serve as a public
service announcement to promote trapping. (If designing a television spot,
please describe visuals.)

4.Describe the importance of the steel trap as a tool used for wildlife management.

5.What is the most important issue facing the hunter, trapper, and fisherman today?