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Fur Buyer at Leggetts March 19, 2011
There was lots of food at Ron & Betty Leggett's when fur buyers from Groenewold started buying. It was a long day with buying starting at 7:30am and ending around 8:30pm. The ladies even had breakfast ready for the trappers and food was served all day. Pictured is Ron & Betty's daughter, Amy, helping to serve everyone.
Fur buyer Mike Mazur & his brother-in-law, Kevin.
Thanks to these two gentlemen (Gary Groenewold & son) who made the fur sale move faster by doing a lot of the grading.
(l-r)  Richard Garrett, Morgan Bennett and Roy Stanley  discussing fur prices. Morgan worked all day an into the night helping with counting and bundling all the fur.
Looks like Reed Muse is negotiating prices.
The lady ( sorry for not knowing her name) setting on the truck tail gate drove from Tennessee with a truck load of fur and we mean loooaded.
MFTI's official photographer Dick Wiltamuth lent his camera out long enough to have his photo taken.
Hey, I believe these two gentlemen are planning next years trapline after watching dad sell their fur.
FBU Banquet at Bowles Farm - March 26, 2011
This is the third year to hold the FBU Banquet at Bowles Farm in Clements, MD. If you were there, you know how great the food and hospitality is.
We even had parents bring their children. This is Gary Shank holding his grandson, Clayton Glenn, which is Butch and Jaime Glenn's son.
Melinda Rice took time out as banquet chairperson to hold her grandson. Melinda and her husband Bill Rice donate their time each year working with Cindy Seff FBU banquet coordinator, to make the FBU banquet a success.
Auctioneer Charles Rodney & Ms. Maryland 2010 Lindsay Stanszewki. Lindsay is shooting for a good price when the gun is sold.
Ms. Maryland takes time from the FBU Banquet to pose with Ron Leggett.
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