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Hey! It looks like Roy Stanley has something important to show the crowd at the convention.  Great demo to see.
Betty Leggett taking care of Leggett's trap supply stand until Ron returns from the live trapline.
Convention chairman Tommy Tucker still hard at work dipping those baked beans.
Line up folks! The annual All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feast is being served.
Looks like Mary Tucker is into cooking food again for the MFTI members.
Mike Murray's trapping supplies had it all at the MFTI convention. No trapper left without finding what he was looking for.
Mrs. Joan Stanley taking care of the MFTI meals.
Not only is MFTI treasurer an accountant, Ed Davis can be a great host while serving food at the convention.
Past MD Trappers Pete Askins came down from PA to visit his friends.
Reed Muse, MFTI membership secretary, likes dealing in antique traps.
Robert Colona (l), one of the best fur biologists in the country, and longtime MFTI supporter Ron Lampert (r) look over Robert's muskrat colony traps.
Tara Roach is showing some of the secrets that she and her Dad, Tom, use to catch all those fox.
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